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Video authoring linksEdit

  • DVD Technical Notes provides fairly detailed technical information about the DVD standard.
  • Ian Pointer's DVD Authoring article explains how to create a DVD slideshow with music and subtitles, using open-source tools.
  • The GNU VCDImager Authoring Guide has comprehensive instructions for creating VCDs and SVCDs using VCDImager, as well as thorough documentation of the VCDImager XML file structure.
  • The Linux Video Handling Sorta-HOWTO discusses the basics of video capturing and VCD authoring.
  • Linux Media has several HOWTOs and scripts for DVD-ripping and disc authoring.
  • What is deinterlacing? is a thorough introduction to the concept of interlacing, including comparisons of many deinterlacing methods.

Technical informationEdit

Programs similar to tovidEdit

Several other Linux applications have features and capabilities similar to tovid's:

Please add any others you know of.

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