Safe area test Edit

Safe area test

Get the NTSC .mpg or PAL .mpg.

This video helps you determine the safe area of your TV set. The video is available in two formats:

The 7-second clip displays an expanding box from 30-100% safe area; when the box reaches the edge of your screen, note the percentage. That percentage is your TV's safe area.

The provided files can be burned directly to VCD. If you're burning to DVD instead, you can convert using the following command for NTSC:

$ tovid -dvd-vcd -ntsc \
      -in safe_area_test_ntsc.mpg \
      -out safe_dvd

Or for PAL:

$ tovid -dvd-vcd -pal \
      -in safe_area_test_pal.mpg \
      -out safe_dvd


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