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Watch tovid-made menus on YouTube.

tovid demo Edit


Main menu snapshot from tovid-demo

Watch the main menu from the demo DVD.

Want to try tovid without fully installing it? Try the tovid demo and you can make not just this menu, but the complete DVD.

Thumbnail menus Edit

There are many ways to make animated (or static) menus with thumbnails. Click on an image to see the command used to create it.

Showcase nothing Showcase video Animated Korean Breakers Showcase image Static Code Monkey

Text menus Edit

There are also many ways to make static text menus. Click on an image to see the command used to create it.

Makemenu main title Button movie Scale Southwest Safearea Example2 Gradient

todiscgui Edit

Below is a screenshot of the todisc gui. Starting with tovid 0.32 it will be known as tovidgui fancy, and the old tovidgui will be tovidgui simple.


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